Pyaar Prema Kaadhal – Music Review

Pyaar Prema Kadhal is a romantic comedy written and directed by Elan. Produced by Yuvan Shankar Raja, S.N. Rajarajan & Irfan Malik and features Harish Kalyan & Raiza Wilson (Big Boss fame) as male and female lead. Yuvan Shankar Raja produces the soundtrack with Niranjan Bharathi, Mohan Raja, Viveka, Madhan Karky, Oviya Umapathy & Elan takes care of the lyric department.

Lets see how it goes for Yuvan after several debacles.

01. High On Love (Yeh Penne)
Sid Sriram
Niranjan Bharathi

Sid Sriram’s magical voice is the main highlight of the song. Full on energy with Yuvan’s Electronic music with pulsating beats. Strange Voices between the song is good and felt different. The song has major contribution from String Instruments and the beats are too good to hear. He has used the same earlier but good to listen as a complete package.

02. Dope Track
Singer & Composer: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyricist: Mohan Raja

This track starts in a slow note with Yuvan rendering a poem and then progresses with Violin session. Yuvan’s voice soothes the ear and progresses the song with EDM which is a signature of Yuvan. Wonderful piece of Electronic Music. Yuvan Shankar Raja delivers the best.

03. Hold Me Now
Sanjith Hegde & Thurga

The super streak song continues with this Hold Me Now. Viveka’s lyrics is sweet with good rendering by Sanjith Hegde & Thurga. But Sanjith’s tamil pronounciation needs more training, since he is missing most of the words but the feel and power is still there.. Yuvan’s techno beats brings life to the song.

04. Surprise Me
Yuvan Shankar Raja & Priya Mali
Madhan Karky

Simple and Powerful song. Madhan Karky’s mesmerizing lyrics and the Yuvans arrangement makes this song a noticeable one. Priya Mali sings with ease but Yuvan’s voice could have been sweeter.

05. Never Let Me Go
Suranjan & Shweta Pandit
Oviya Umapathy

WoW!! What a song?? Superb meaningful lyrics, Apart from the first 4 songs, this one is more beautiful than the others. Slow, haunting melody enriched with the pulluvan violin (one stringed violin previously used in 7G Rainbow Colony as I recall in the first place). Mumbai girl Shweta Pandit renders the song beautifully with amazing support from Suranjan.

06. I Will Never Let You Go
Shweta Pandit
Oviya Umapathy

The female version of Never Let Me Go rendered by Shweta Pandit. Her tamizh is too good as a mumbai girl and single handedly carries the song away. Yuvan, once again amazed me.

07. Hello
Devan Ekambaram

The song doesn’t have lyrics but Devan Ekambaram shines in this acapella piece. Short and Good

08. Lets Be Friends
Cliffy Carlton

The director himself pens this song with Cliffy Carlton in the playback. Its an energetic number with heavy synth guitar portions and will sound like a rock song. Good number

09. Secret Window
Al Rufian

Opening Strings and the song design sounds like Aaromale but the Al Rufian’s amazing vocal provides more energy to this poetic ballad. Even though this song doesn’t have much orchestration but provided with the regular interval of guitar intervention and bass makes a lovely one. Yuvan’s selection of Al Rufian is a bless

10. Wake Me Up Everyday

Opening flute is refreshing and progresses with Teejay’s young voice suits this short song much. The orchestration also an added advantage.

11. Miss You Papa
Yuvan Shankar Raja & Priya Mali

Short song without much percussion but a slow and sad number equally distributed to Male, female and the chorus. Not a bad one since it is more adjacent to the theme (I think so, might be in the pre-climax)

12. Its Over
Shweta Pandit

The last song featured in this amazing album with Shweta’s mesmerizing voice, i might fall in love with this voice.

Yuvan Shankar Raja is back with an amazing album which features 12 mesmerizing songs. Poetic lyrics, Absolutely brilliant arrangement and the performances of the lead singers makes this album a tremendous one. The album has a running time of 37 minutes (Precisely 36 minutes 51 seconds) wont even tire you but its keep on refreshing when progresses to the next song.

4.75 on 5 will be my score for this soundtrack.

Yuvan is back on track


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