Once Upon A Time In Ranni

Song: Once Upon A Time In Ranni
Artiste(s): James Thakara
Lyricist: Vinayak Sasikumar
Composer: Prasanth Pillai
Album: Saajan Bakery Since 1962

Once upon a time in Ranni
It’s a funny little story
Are you hungry for a by dose mutta pufs
Then come on
We will make some bake some
Hot some basam chaaya kadi now

Saajan Bakery (x2)

Family family
Circus-il happily happily
We got a beegara history
Aamaanam kaakkaan pottaan
Daily naamidi

There some hot
There some heat
Ennaalum bunnum vennem pole pande
Sweet sweet sweet puffs

Like a chatti and pattakkalambi
Always make some noise saraa
Oh Lord have some kripaa
Rakshikkane gotta stop this kolahalam
We’got some shine
We’ got some prize
Sweet jealousy
For see go
Ha ha ha ha

Just some fun
Just some fun
Ennaalum cake-um cream-um pole nammal
Sweet sweet sweet buns

Saajan Bakery

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